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Artisent Floors is a growing company looking for the right people to join our team. We work hard, collaborate closely, find the right solutions to make our clients happy, and love what we do because having fun is important too. If you are interested in applying for a position please email your resume to

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Branch Manager

The Branch Manager serves as the leader of the branch and oversees a team of Account Managers and a Warehouse Manager to facilitate the growth and sustained success of the store.

The Artisent Floors Branch Manager position includes many of the same responsibilities as an Account Manager - generating prospects, cold-calling, and servicing existing customers - in addition to setting long-term goals for the branch, maintaining our commitment to customer service, managing installation subcontractors, making schedules and ensuring the entire team adheres to the company's core values.

This position requires a driven, competitive, and motivated self-starter who takes pride in high levels of responsibility, lavishes in high expectations, and strives to win. The Branch Manager must be an excellent problem solver, and the type of person who sets an example for the rest of the branch when it comes to customer service.

There is very little to the clerical side of the position, as we centralize all of it at our corporate office in Memphis, TN. This frees up Branch Managers to spend more time in the field with our customers and their team, and less time seated at a desk.

Branch managers report directly to the Directors of Business Development and work closely with their Account Managers and Warehouse Manager to ensure Artisent Floors' commitment to customer service is fulfilled, the day-to-day tasks are complete, and the branch's long-term goals are met.

Education/experience: College degree or previous sales experience preferred

Location: Varies

Inventory Manager

The Inventory Manager ensures that Artisent Floors is able to properly and efficiently supply our multiple branches with inventory for customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Artisent Floors moves millions of dollars of inventory between branches and out the door to customers, so the Inventory Manager is a key to ensuring that process runs smoothly and is executed with both the company's profitability and the customer in mind.

Job responsibilities include assigning inventory for jobs to be sent out the next day, directing the transfer of inventory between store locations, monitoring and managing inventory levels for each store, and improving all inventory and warehousing procedures where needed.

The Inventory Manager must be comfortable using computers, as the position involves a significant amount of time spent working with company software.

Education/experience: College degree with a major or minor in logistics or previous inventory management experience preferred

Location: Memphis, TN

Retail Sales Associate

The Retail Sales Associate is the face of our company at our retail showroom, and is responsible for serving all potential and current retail customers, as well as managing the showroom floor.

Responsibilities include guiding customers with product selection to fit their design and budget needs, assisting with the inventory and merchandising of displays on the showroom floor, job estimating and ensuring customer satisfaction during every step of the shopping process, and managing the purchasing and installation processes.

Flooring renovations are large investments for our customers, so it is very important that we treat them with commensurate levels of attention and service. From learning about each customer's specific needs to ensuring complete satisfaction after installation is complete, the Retail Sales Associate must have excellent communication skills and a passion for customer service.

Education/experience: College degree or prior retail sales or design experience preferred

Location: Memphis, TN

Warehouse Assistant

The Warehouse Assistant ensures the smooth operation of our busy warehouse from open to close.

The Warehouse Assistant's responsibilities may include cutting and staging materials, loading up and dispatching subcontractors, receiving and unloading truck shipments, keeping the warehouse clean and organized, and other tasks as assigned by the Warehouse Manager.

Education/experience: Ability to operate a forklift is preferred

Location: Varies

Warehouse Manager

The Warehouse Manager oversees the use and distribution of large amounts of inventory from the warehouse on a daily basis.

The Artisent Floors Warehouse Manager works closely with the local Branch Manager and the Inventory Manager at the corporate office to ensure the smooth flow of material in and out of the warehouse.

Responsibilities include cutting and staging materials, loading up and dispatching subcontractors, inspecting job installations, receiving and unloading truck shipments, and keeping the warehouse clean and organized.

Education/experience: Basic computer skills and ability to operate a forklift are preferred

Location: Varies

Account Manager

The Account Manager is the person responsible for building and maintaining the relationships that make our business thrive. Account Managers report directly to the Branch Manager and work closely with the other account managers to ensure Artisent Floors' commitment to customer service is fulfilled, the day-to-day tasks are completed, and the branch's long-term goals are met.

Strong communication skills are a must, as well as a commitment to provide our clients with great customer service. From generating prospects, to cold-calling, and maintaining contact and a positive relationship with our current customers, the Account Manager must be someone who is a great people person and a self-starter.

There is very little clerical work associated with the position, as we centralize all of that work in our corporate office in Memphis, TN. This frees up the Account Managers to spend more time in the field with our customers and less time seated at a desk.

Education/experience: College degree or previous sales experience preferred

Location: Varies

Account Coordinator

The Account Coordinator is the lead when it comes to the smooth handling of our customers' accounts, from order placement, to invoicing, and problem solving.

Customer service is paramount at Artisent Floors, and no one deals more directly with our customers than the Account Coordinator. The Account Coordinator works closely with the Branch Managers and Account Managers to ensure our customers are taken care of on every front.

Responsibilities include taking and processing customer orders, assisting customers with special requests, invoicing, and data entry. This position requires basic computer skills, knowledge of Microsoft Excel, phone skills, strong time management skills, the ability to multi-task, and the ability to work well as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.

Education/experience: College degree or previous sales experience preferred

Location: Memphis, TN

IT Manager

The IT Manager leads the management, operations, and improvement of our network and computer systems, as well as our database. You will also be responsible for managing all contracts for software, data, and devices and assisting with in-house application development and implementation. The IT Manager also works closely with third-party IT companies when necessary, creates and manages the company's technology budget, and ensures that Artisent is up to date as technology changes and evolves in order to stay current and cutting edge.

Education/experience: College degree in IT or experience in SQL, and programming languages preferred.

Location: Varies

Supply Chain Manager

The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for keeping the inventory moving throughout all of our satellite locations, as well as all advanced and clerical work in relation to purchasing and transportation. The Supply Chain Managers must be great at multi-tasking and have a penchant for organization and attention to detail. Most importantly, the candidate must have a commitment to keepings costs low without sacrificing service.

Supply Chain Managers are responsible for purchasing and transportation for all branches. Responsibilities begin with the purchasing of materials, which includes placing orders, negotiating prices, and all of the paperwork involved with receiving and costing of materials. The transportation responsibilities include managing the drivers, trucks, and third party providers. Constant communication with satellites is required to enforce policies and keep each branch properly informed.

Education/experience: College degree or previous purchasing and transportation experience preferred

Location: Memphis, TN

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Coming to Artisent Floors was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only is the company like a big group of close friends and family, having a product and a service you truly believe in offers the total package for a place to spend your career.

-Ben Grisham, Account Manager

Artisent is a very rewarding company to work for. They recognize the potential in their employees and challenge them with new responsibilities & opportunities.

-Lacey Wilburn, Account Coordinator

Working for Artisent Floors has been such a joy. I love my job but it's the people I'm surrounded by everyday that I love most. Our family-owned company has created an environment that is truly home.

-Jenna McPherson, Sales & Design Associate

Artisent Floors cares for their employees and provides them with the tools necessary to succeed. Working for Artisent has been such a blessing.

-Jeff Hammond, Account Manager

Working for an ever-growing company is exciting! I love being a part of the Artisent family.

-Rachel Groshart, Account Coordinator